Keneco Environmental has wide ranging experience in developing, carrying out and completing remediation and reclamation programs throughout Western Canada.

Keneco’s professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of provincial regulations and guidelines and provide Land Remediation and Reclamation services in the following disciplines:

Spill Response

Keneco Environmental is capable of providing spill response services throughout Western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Our range of spill response services includes:

  • Spill site assessment including mitigation, testing, remediation/clean up as well as site restoration and monitoring.
  • Landowner and regulatory consultation including report preparation and submission.
  • Assisting in developing best management practices and spill response planning programs.

Site Remediation and Reclamation

Keneco Environmental has assembled a team of environmental professionals that are capable of managing the complete environmental remediation and reclamation process including initial assessment, remedial planning and design, site supervision and post remediation and reclamation monitoring.

Our remediation and reclamation services include:

  • Subsurface and surface reclamation and remediation.
  • Surface restoration and re-vegetation management.
  • Post construction reclamation monitoring.
  • Professional sign-off on remediation and reclamation projects.

Detailed Site Assessments (DSA)

The Detailed Site Assessment (DSA) is completed for the wellsite and associated facility once the soils have been replaced on the location and the vegetation has had the opportunity to re-establish. This is completed after a few growing seasons but may take longer if the site encounters issues such as weed infestations, severe drought conditions, etc. The DSA is completed to ensure the disturbed area has been returned to an equivalent land capacity in relation to the surrounding area.

DSA’s involve the following:

  • Lease contouring is assessed and compared to adjacent topography.
  • Soils undergo comprehensive assessments to ensure soil replacement meets offsite controls in depth, type, and numerous texture characteristics.
  • Vegetation is assessed to ensure plant health, density, litter, and composition match offsite control vegetation.
  • Professional Sign-off – If the DSA determines that the affected area meets criteria, a Reclamation Certificate Application (Alberta), Acknowledgment of Reclamation (Saskatchewan) Certificate of Restoration (British Columbia) or a Certificate of Abandonment (Manitoba) will be applied for.