The next step to a successful well


Keneco Environmental has been helping clients navigate the ever changing regulations that govern the acquisition of water in each provincial jurisdiction we serve for the past 29 years.

From a small water approval to drill a well to acquiring long term water licenses for fracing or water flood purposes, we have the professionals and the expertise to make sure that your application is completed the first time correctly so that you do not face delays due to missing or incomplete information.

We regularly communicate with provincial regulators to obtain guidance before completing an application so that we can provide all of the required information to speed the approval process. We don’t guess or make assumptions. We get the facts, and that saves you time and money.

We offer the following water acquisition services:

  • Aquitison of water permits for drilling and fracing operations.
  • Obtaining Temporary Field Authorizations for accessing water on public lands.
  • Preparation of applications for the construction of water reservoirs and holding ponds.
  • Term water license applications for water injection and large scale fracing projects.